5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Office Equipment imagedata Supply & Service of Photocopiers & Printers

There’s nothing more frustrating than being in a rush to prepare for a client meeting or a presentation, only to find that your photocopier is jammed, or your printer doesn’t feel like working.

No matter what size a business is, it needs technology to stay productive and successful, and that technology needs to work smoothly for the business to run smoothly. The problem is that the lifespan of equipment such as computers, printers, and photocopiers doesn’t last forever. If any piece of technology in your office is old, temperamental, poor quality, and so on, the resulting frustration, slowed productivity, and unreliability can cause serious problems for your business.

Whether you lease or buy your equipment, it’s important to recognise the signs that your office is in need of an upgrade. We’ve put together five signs you should be looking out for to let you know you should be looking to replace your current items.

1. Efficiency is decreasing

Whether it’s old technology that can’t keep up with today’s demands, or worn equipment that’s on its way out, and slowing down of performance is going to reduce the efficiency of your business, and less efficient usually means less profitable. As well as spelling trouble for the performance of your business, a noticeable decrease in efficiency also indicates that your equipment could do with a refresh.

2. Costs are increasing

It can be easy to put off upgrading office equipment because you think it’s an added cost, but in fact you’ll probably end up saving money because of the added costs old and outdated pieces of equipment bring with them. You’ll find you’ll start spending more on consumables as your office equipment gets less effective. Take toner, for example, as printers and copiers tend to need to use more when they’re nearing the end of their lifespan.

It’s not just consumables, though, as the older your equipment, the higher your energy costs to run it will be. Naturally newer models tend to be more energy efficient, so by upgrading you’ll be able to save money on utility bills as well.

3. Your business needs have evolved…

…and your equipment no longer meets those needs. Just like many things in a new business, the equipment you choose when you’re just starting out often bears no relation to the equipment you need further down the line. It may be that you had to bear start-up costs in mind originally, so had to make some sacrifices in terms of office equipment, or maybe your business has just developed in another direction, but it’s common as your business grows to find your business needs and wants change as well.

Whether it’s a printer that can’t meet your volume needs, or a photocopier that doesn’t have enough of the functions you need to keep your business running smoothly, upgrading your office equipment to meet the requirements of your current business model is essential to stay successful.

4. You’re making more service calls

If your equipment is starting to develop more faults or breaking down more frequently than it has done in the past, it’s definitely a sign that an upgrade might be in order! Of course the occasional fault and scheduled maintenance are normal for any piece of office equipment, but if your printer or copier is starting to need more and more frequent call-outs for repair, productivity in the office will start to suffer and your day-to-day business will get disrupted.

5. Service availability for your equipment is decreasing

It’s all very well and good being able to call in the experts or get solutions to problems if your equipment is ever faulty, but what if you struggle to even get that? The older your devices are, the more chance there is that the manufacturer will have updated the technology to a point where you can’t get the same levels of support you had previously, if at all. Let’s look at printers as an example – once the manufacturer stops delivering print driver updates you could soon be faced with a printer that’s unresponsive with low-quality output. Definitely the time for upgrading it to a newer model!

There’s absolutely no excuse for any business not to be completely up-to-date in terms of technology, and of course when our technology doesn’t work, it can stop us from working to our full potential. In terms of office equipment like printers and photocopiers, businesses have to rely on purchasing or leasing high-quality equipment and having expert servicing and support to back them up.

While making the decision to upgrade might seem like you’re just spending money unnecessarily, you can see from the five reasons above that you’ll actually save time, money, and headaches by making sure you upgrade printers, copiers, and any other office equipment you have as soon as they need to be upgraded.

Making sure your office is running with the right equipment will mean that customers perceptions of the quality of your business improves, you’ll save money on energy and consumable costs, you can ensure you have the right type of machine for you (multi-function or single-function, for example), and safety and security will be improved as your equipment will have the latest in security features and functions.

If any of these signs had you nodding your head in agreement, don’t you think now’s the time to think about upgrading your equipment? If you’re interested in finding out how to choose the perfect printer for your needs, and how Image Data can support you in doing just that, just follow this link.

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