Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can offer you a 24, 36, 48, or 60 month lease agreement. We ask for your company name and registration number and we’ll have an answer for you in under an hour. Once approved, we’ll send you the paperwork to read and sign. When the lease is due to end, we contact you and ask if you want to upgrade the machine for a new one, or you can pay a nominal fee and the title of ownership is transferred from the finance company to you.

We have a comprehensive list of questions we ask you, and based on those questions, we can recommend the options we have to best suit you. Over 20 years of experience has helped us build this website and our product range is carefully selected based on reliability, print quality and low running costs.

Yes, no problem. As long as you own the machine, we can take it away to be disposed of. We are registered with the Environmental Agency and are authorised to collect and dispose of office equipment.

Yes we can. We would send you a small pre-delivery form to fill in and a nominal price to authorise. If you have an IT department, IT guy, or support provider, we will work with them free of charge to make sure this is all set up for you.

Every time you click to print or press start to copy, you get charged for it. You get charged one price for mono and another price for colour. The click charge incorporates all the machine’s consumables (toner cartridges, imaging drums, transfer and fuser kits, rollers, waste toner bottle etc.). It also includes machine spare parts, engineer call outs, labour, and return to fits. Nowadays it’s referred to as MPS (Managed Print Service). At the end of the month, we would take a meter reading from our monitoring software, and based on the amount you have used, we send you an invoice by email. It’s a simple and economical way of maintaining your copiers and printers.

We don’t position our business on being the cheapest and trying to beat every price online. We provide a balance of well-chosen and well-priced machines with economical support bundles.

Most machines we choose have basic print management software that can do that. However, Papercut is market leading print management software that will do everything you want to be able to manage and monitor your machine(s). Image Data can consult, quote, implement and maintain. Please get in touch for more details.

Contact Image Data in the first instance. If it’s machine related, we start the ball rolling straightaway to resolve the issue. If it’s an IT related issue, we ask you to contact your IT support. If you want us to liaise with your IT support, we are happy to do so to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

There are three options to consider. Instead of purchasing the machine outright, Image Data offer finance. You can lease a machine over 24, 36, 48, and 60 months so you can spread the payments every month. The second option is to select the model down from your ideal machine. It may cost less and the specification isn’t a million miles away from your ideal machine. Thirdly, select the ideal machine for you and later on add the extra paper trays, cabinet, finisher, memory at a later date that fits within your budget.

No need to hold stock, our FREE Toner Alert! Service helps us monitor, order and deliver your ink and toner cartridges, drums, fusers, waste bottle cartridges and all consumables for your copiers and printers. Put your feet up and let us take the hassle out of monitoring your consumable levels. We prompt you when you’re running low on a particular colour. We’ll order and deliver with every little effort on your part.

Yes, there’s a documentation fee that the finance company charge, in the region of £100+VAT. They will also invoice you for insurance of the hardware but if you provide proof of your own insurance policy, they will cancel their invoice.

Our service agreement with you covers call outs, labour, return to fits, and spare parts. If you have a machine fault, contact us, you are covered.

Between 1 to 5 working days, depending on the size of the machine, what accessories you have added to the order, and if the lease agreement has been approved and signed. We will keep you updated with a delivery date.

Yes you can end your current copier contract early. You can ask the finance company for a settlement figure and based on that you can make a decision whether you want to pay that figure off, incorporate it into a new lease or carry on with your existing lease and copier.

We cover London, Greater London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Essex.

Yes of course, no problem. We also can communicate with you via Skype and Zoom, as well as the traditional telephone and email.

Yes we supply Canon branded paper to customers only on a discounted rate.

We focus our attention on photocopiers and printers, nothing else.

We don’t go in for the hard sell - people are important to us. Image Data has been built on making sure our customers are happy with the advice we’ve given them, and the equipment we supply and service. The Business Owner, the Office Manager, the Administrator, and the Receptionist, they all rely on us to make sure they never run out of toner, paper jams are dealt with quickly, and any other issues they have are resolved. If you want a professional company that offer you honest, knowledgeable advice, and first class office equipment and service, look no further than Image Data.

We listen to you – we don’t talk over you. We understand what issues you have, what functionality you need and don’t need. We’ve chosen machines with low running costs (without compromising on machine quality) because we know a business has to keep their costs as low as possible. You can also pick up the phone and call our office and you’ll get through to someone straight away. We treat customers and potential customers the way we’d like to be treated, with honesty and politeness.

When it comes to looking for a new copier or printer, our advice is to choose a company with a good reputation for service. When you buy or lease a machine, you’ll agree a service agreement and they are usually for three to five years. So make sure the company you choose to help you for that length of time aren’t going to mess you about. My second piece of advice for a business is to go on a ‘pay as you go’ or ‘click’ or ‘MPS’ (managed print service) agreement whereby the toners, all consumables, spare parts, call outs, and labour are included. It’s separated in a mono price and a colour price. Traditionally this kind of deal has always been for the larger businesses with bigger copiers. This is now available for small businesses that use smaller machines, as small has a desktop mono printer. Toner cartridge prices are very expensive, especially HP at the moment. With ‘click’ you only pay for what you copy or print. The monthly invoices will be so much lower.